Corporate secretarial services are a set of legal assistance for companies as company secretary or corporate secretary. A company secretary handles all the administrative activities of the company. You can hire a company secretary who qualifies to ensure that your company complies with all the regulatory obligations in the registered country.

It is imperative to understand that corporate secretarial services will help you to keep some problems at bay for your company. As per the Singapore Companies Act, it is mandatory to hire a company secretary within the six months after your company has been registered in the country. Otherwise, some implications may follow.

The law also implies that this position must not be obtained or detained by a sole director or any named or unnamed shareholder whatsoever. Therefore, the appointed person should have no relation to the company and share no legal or social bounds before the appointment.

What reasons make corporate secretarial services in Singapore worth time-investing?

Consistent Management of Administrative Requirements

A law firm that provides the corporate secretarial services needs to come clean of qualifications, trained staff, and administrative function with proficiency and efficiency. The competent personnel will rest assured that your company does not face penalization for non-compliance, delayed submission of documents, or false reports.
Cost-Effective and Reliable Relationships

Of course, hiring a law firm for your company in Singapore demands expertise and unmatched experience of highly trained lawyers and company secretaries. If you employ in-house services then that may raise the costing. However, a law firm that has established and facilities to handle your company’s legal administration then you may save some energy and cost.

Why would you consider Ho and Wee?

• Providence of qualified, experienced, and trained assistance.
• Appropriate choice for local and multinational companies
• Reach over different corporate sectors as legal advisors.
What services should you expect from Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore?
• Rules Directory Reminder
• Cases Handling Activities
• Legal Board Meetings
• Share Management

What documents maintenance assistance you may expect?

• Minute Book and Statutory Register Book
• Share Transfers
• Annual Reports and Statements
• Director’s Report
• Reviewing of Corporate Governance
• Custody and Proper Use of Company Seal

Corporate secretarial services in Singapore are for ease and convenience with knowledge and experience in handling administrative processes. Ensure that you have the right people appointed for the job.

All processes and demands are handled efficiently and quickly. Whether you are starting out or looking for a law firm to maintain your competitive business in the Asian markets, you need the company services for everything.

In conclusion, qualifying corporate secretarial services in Singapore takes your company’s registration to set up the board of directors on establishing a profitable business. Indeed, without a company secretary, companies are not even considered registered in the court’s eyes.

Ho and Wee, a corporate secretarial services law firm in Singapore, offers company formation, dissolution, and liquidation of business entities, ensuring compliance, and coordinating the purchase of offshore jurisdictions.

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