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The family environment does not feel appropriate when a loved dies, and after the death ceremonies, the legal matters come in light about assets, estates, and administrator. A family member usually apply to obtain the Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration.

The court releases the administration, along with the willful execution of the will of the deceased to the authorised person to distribute and manage the assets to the beneficiaries.
In this article, information about the laws, lawyers, prices of services are in focus for the people who are doubtful about the Probate and Administrations in Singapore.


What is Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration?

Grant of Probate is a validated will of a deceased family member to authenticate the management of the estate to the named executor. The appointed administrator is liable to apply to the court for a Grant of Probate certificate for the legal distribution and ownership of defined assets in the will.
The Letter of Administration is the Grant of Probate in layman’s language, but it is issued on the condition where a deceased has not left a will. The next-of-kin can only apply to the court to request the appointment as the sole Administrator, and that is the spouse or the eldest child.

Who is a Probate Lawyer?

Probate Lawyer is the lawyer who helps the executor or administrator to get the Grant of Probate or the Letter of Administration as quickly as possible to protect the estate and assets for the rightful beneficiaries.
At Ho & Wee LLC, your personal and sympathetic probate lawyer in Singapore serve the clients who lost their loved ones and need to get the Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration.

Fees, Affordability, and Documentation

A reliable, fixed-fee, and fast servicing probate lawyer in Singapore costs around $1000-$2000 for submission of the Grant of Probate and $1500-$2500 for submission of the Letter(s) of Administration in the Singaporean Court.
You can get an affordable probate lawyer in Singapore with established law firms such as Ho & Wee LLC at Raffles Place, Clifford Centre. The reliable and fast lawyers will submit your application(s), and within a week, you may get your Probate or Letter. The time of the court’s clearance depends upon the severities of the application(s).

What Documents Required For Applications?

For Grant of Probate, an executor needs to submit the original will, death certificate, and NRIC of the deceased and the executor, respectively.
For Letter of Administration, the applying administer(s) need to submit the original death certificate of the deceased, and original NRIC of the administrator and copies of NRIC and birth certificates of all the beneficiaries.

3 Tips on Choosing Reliable Probate Lawyer

• Draft a list of probate lawyers in Singapore
Understandably, you may have lost a beloved family member, but death cannot justify the materialistic responsibilities that the person has left for you.
Take some time to process and then draft a list of probate lawyers in Singapore, who helped people such in your case.
A list will ease your decision on shortlisting the best of them to take the estate matters further. Ensure that the list has a pricing column too.
• Ask Reasonable Questions
Now, you have the list of lawyers; the next step is to question the lawyers based on your doubts. You may have a question like what if my married brother wanted a share when your mother/father left everything to you.
Write down the questions and fix an appointment with the probate lawyer in Singapore, and you will have your answers.
• Trust Your Gut and Intelligence
Indeed, losing someone clouds the intelligence, but emotions can make the right decisions too.
Ensure that you have met 2-5 lawyers before you finalise one because more choice you have, the more you will understand on choosing the fit for you.

In conclusion, this article may provide the necessary knowledge of probate lawyers in Singapore and on affordability and reliability. However, the information of Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration goes on the understanding of the reader. For further questions, please comment below and you will have the informational piece about that in some time.

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