Probate & Administration

Probate and Administration

Our work involves wills, trusts, estate planning and probate matters and we provide a full suite of services for clients ranging from the drafting of wills, applications to court for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and resealing of foreign grant applications. We have vast experience in, and are able to handle both contentious and non-contentious probate and administration matters.

At any age, the significance of planning for the future is imperative. Regardless of whether it includes building a nest-egg to accommodate your children or attracting up to a will to ensure that your bequest goes to the right recipients, you have to prepare. At the Ho&We LLP, we help you in the planning procedure leading to and during probate and Administration.

How does Probate Work?

Regardless of whether a person has a last will and witness set up at the time of death, any assets that don't pass forthrightly to recipients must experience the administration & probate procedure. The procedure is very basic: So as to probate a will or estate without a will, the probate court doles out a delegate, who will assemble and listing the deceased’s belongings, pay any high-quality debts, taxes, and prices, and then distribute properties to the expected recipients as indicated by probate law.

Also, Ho&We LLP goes well beyond with regards to planning forever's certainties. We can enable you to choose the best person to speak to you after your passing while at the same time imparting in them the significance of the responsibilities that accompany holding such a title. We at the Ho&We are the ones to give counsel on how to deal with the organization of the estate and also the appropriation of property and goals of any cases made against the property.

Do I Need a Grant of Probate?

In a huge part of the instances, you'll need to get a grant of probate to behave as the executor of someone's estate. You may not require a grant of probate if the estate is worth under $10,000, or if the deceased possessed everything mutually with another person, so the proprietorship traded on their death.

To see if you can disseminate somebody's estate without applying for probate, the executor will need to keep in touch with every organization, for example, banks or investment brokers, informing them of the death and giving a duplicate of the death certificate. Else, you'll have to present an application for probate. In the event that somebody dies without a will, the procedure is called applying for letters of administration.


Work with an Experienced Ho&We Lawyers

Our firm consist one of the best Probate Lawyer in Singapore, can work intimately with you to unmistakably exhibit how probate might be of advantage in your specific circumstance. Aware that cases change on an exclusive premise, our lawful team dependably attempts to give you the customized and prepared direction you merit. You can trust that our Ho&We works watchfully to guarantee that your requirements are met.