Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial

We provide dedicated corporate secretarial services to our clients with a view of assisting our clients with statutory compliance of the relevant statutes and regulations. Corporate secretarial services include:

Company Formation

  • Incorporation of private and public companies limited by guarantee or shares
  • Registration of branches, representative offices and foreign companies in Singapore
  • Coordinating the purchase of companies in various offshore jurisdictions (e.g. BVI, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, etc.)

Corporate Secretarial Services for Private Companies

  • Provision of Registered Office
  • Maintaining and updating statutory books and records (eg minute books, registers of directors, secretaries and shareholders, register of transfer and register of charges, etc
  • Ensuring compliance with annual filing requirements
  • Preparing and submitting electronic fillings with ACRA, including annual returns, share allotment forms, transfers, etc
  • Attendance at board and shareholders’ meetings and recording minutes
  • Preparing board and shareholders’ resolutions

Corporate Secretarial Services for Listed Companies

  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements under the Singapore Exchange Mainboard and Catalist Listing Rules, Code of Corporate Governance, Singapore Companies Act and other statutory requirements
  • Attendance and recording minutes at shareholders’ meetings
  • Attendance and recording minutes at board meetings
  • Release of announcements on behalf of listed companies on SGXNet

Other Corporate Services

  • Acting as named company secretary
  • Arranging for appointment of nominee directors and local agents in Singapore
  • Dissolution and liquidation of business entities in Singapore
  • Process agent services

For more information on the incorporation of Singapore companies: