Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore

We provide dedicated corporate secretarial services to our clients with a view of assisting our clients with statutory compliance of the relevant statutes and regulations. Corporate secretarial services include:

Company Formation

  • Incorporation of private and public companies limited by guarantee or shares
  • Registration of branches, representative offices and foreign companies in Singapore
  • Coordinating the purchase of companies in various offshore jurisdictions (e.g. BVI, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, etc.)

Corporate Secretarial Services for Private Companies

  • Provision of Registered Office
  • Maintaining statutory books and records
  • Ensuring compliance with annual filing requirements
  • Attendance at board and shareholders’ meetings and recording minutes
  • Preparing board and shareholders’ resolutions

Corporate Secretarial Services for Listed Companies

  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements under the Singapore Exchange Mainboard and Catalist Listing Rules, Code of Corporate Governance, Singapore Companies Act and other statutory requirements
  • Attendance and recording minutes at shareholders’ meetings
  • Attendance and recording minutes at board meetings
  • Release of announcements to SGX

Other Corporate Services

  • Acting as named company secretary
  • Arranging for appointment of nominee directors and local agents in Singapore
  • Dissolution and liquidation of business entities in Singapore
  • Process agent services

For more information on the incorporation of Singapore companies:

 Staying on Top of Legislation and RegulationYour company faces an enormous scope of legislation and regulation on a daily basis. Do you daily ask yourself: "What risks am I running?" or "Am I complaint, domestically and internationally?" These are sometimes difficult questions to answer. We can assist you to remain over mandatory corporate law and regulation and provide you sensible confirmation that you are a obedient

Ho and WEE LLP Singapore based, is helping companies to end up and remain compliant with nearby and worldwide requirements. Our qualified company secretaries and lawyers are based far and wide and have unrivaled nearby information to facilitate your business stick to neighborhood regulations.

What Precisely Corporate Secretarial Services Is?

Corporate Secretarial Services of Singapore main motivation is to deal with your corporate housekeeping undertakings. Besides, we are occupied with compliance and legal in-control. We can advise on the various parts of managing the entity compliance of your domestic and foreign entities and branches. We are proficient to deal with this for your company.

What Kind of Services Ho and Wee LLP consist?

  1. Modifications changed with respect to the names of companies, object, the situation of registered office, amendments and changes in the Memorandum and Articles of Associations
  2. Incorporation of private and open companies, restricted by offers or assurance, boundless companies
  3. Changes with respect to arrangements, re-arrangements, abdications, manager, company, auditors and so forward.
  4. Managing board meeting and circling instructions documents
  5. Making beyond any doubt of every single statutory return and fees are submitted
  6. Filling of the documents with the Registrar of companies
  7. Drafting of the company documents including a memorandum of Associations, share certificates, bond certificates, agreements, allotment letters and so forth.

We stand out by rendering straightforward legal services with multi-ability groups, where pertinent with the association of master from the worldwide Ho and WEE LLP. Our down to earth involvement with (international) rebuilding and related legal issues, encourages a perfect connection between theory and practice.

Thus, using our company secretary service encourages you to make sure your company and maintain its standing. Contact us today to figure out how you can shield your company from costly consistency problems.

For what reason Should I Pick Ho&Wee LLP

Well, Ho and WEE LLP is a full-service international law firm containing experienced, fit and committed legal professionals. Company secretaries and outlined bookkeepers focused on giving extraordinary legal advice by making itself available, offering a reasonable and understandable guide to its clients' mind-boggling legal issues, and conveying the most astounding an incentive for the money spent.

At Ho and WEE LLP, lawyers and legal associates cooperate as a devoted group to give the most astounding quality legal responsibilities to its clients. The lawyers and attorneys are master in their field empowering you to give the best legal service and backing. This group show likewise goes far to make the working financially savvy which thus, makes it more practical for our clients.

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