Applying for a Grant of Probate Singapore

In case you are having a property that you wish to transfer to your descendants, then leaving a will is the most effective option in this regard. In spite of leaving a will there are some complicated matters that must be handled by the probate lawyer. In his or her will a person mentions the name of the persons who is entitled to deal with the property related matters. These are known as executors. According to law, these executors have the authority to deal with the will related matters by himself or herself. So, grant of probate is a term that is used in context of these solicitors. For grant of probate these executors can either file the application directly or take the legal assistance of probate lawyers. Let’s have a look at what is the procedure of grant of probate.

What is the procedure of grant of a probate?

In order to take the grant of a probate an executor either directly applies to Supreme Court or with the assistance of legal Probate Lawyers Singapore. The following documents are required for grant of probate:

  • Original will: The executor or his or her probate lawyer must produce the original will in the court.
  • Death certificate: The certificate certifying that the concerned person is no more in this world. That means it is necessary to give his original death certificate.
  • A record of assets and liabilities: A proper record of all the total assets or liabilities if any must be presented in the Supreme Court for seeking grant of probate.

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